Restorative Dentistry

At Mill Creek Family Dentistry, we understand the impact that missing, damaged, or decayed teeth can have on your smile’s function and appearance. That’s why we offer a wide range of treatment options, such as fillings, crowns, bridges, and dentures, to repair and replace teeth. 

Our dedicated team in Mill Creek, WA is committed to providing comprehensive restorative care for your entire family. With our expertise, we can help you maintain a beautiful and strong smile for years to come. Read below to learn more about our services!

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Modern dentistry now allows us to restore teeth close to their original appearance and strength by using composite resins (tooth-colored fillings). Tooth-colored fillings are now the first choice for most dentists when repairing a decayed tooth.

If you would like to replace your unsightly metal fillings, contact Mill Creek Family Dentistry to schedule an appointment with our team.

Restorative & Air Abrasion Cavity Preparation

Air abrasion, also called “micro abrasion” and kinetic cavity preparation, is a method of tooth-structure removal considered to be an effective alternative to the standard dental drill. An air abrasion handpiece blows a powerful air stream of tiny, fine aluminum oxide particles out of its tip onto the tooth structure. Air abrasion uses the kinetic energy principle, in which particles bounce off the tooth and blast the decay away. 

In most cases, air abrasion is used to prepare various types of cavities to be restored with composites, or “white fillings.” Air abrasion can also be effectively used to repair cracks and discolorations, prepare tooth surfaces for bonding procedures, and perform additional cosmetic dentistry procedures. Air abrasion procedures are virtually painless, which, in most cases, eliminates the need for anesthetic; however, we do offer sedation dentistry to patients during all dental procedures upon request.

Root Canal Therapy

There was a time when a tooth that was severely damaged or decayed would have to be extracted; there would be no way of saving it. Modern root canal treatments have changed that and have helped dentists save teeth, keeping smiles intact.

Root canals are no longer a dreaded procedure. With up-to-date dental technology and advanced techniques, Mill Creek Family Dentistry can provide therapies that are gentle and pain-free with our “in-house” root canal specialist.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a custom-made restoration that completely covers or “caps” the tooth. It is used to return a damaged or decayed tooth to health and strength; a cap can also be used for cosmetic purposes, returning a tooth to a naturally attractive appearance.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a custom-made appliance that is used to replace one or several consecutive missing teeth. The appliance is held in place by crowns permanently placed on healthy teeth on each side of the space left by missing teeth. The artificial teeth fill that space, returning the smile to a natural appearance.


At Mill Creek Family Dentistry, we provide comprehensive solutions for replacing missing teeth with our full and partial dentures. Whether you need to replace a few teeth or an entire dental arch, our custom dentures have been a trusted choice for over 30 years. Consider these exceptional options to restore your beautiful smile and regain your confidence.

Partial Dentures

If you still have many teeth that are healthy and strong, then partial dentures may be the best option for filling in the gaps. Partial dentures consist of life-like porcelain teeth attached to a support structure that snaps in behind your existing teeth. This low-profile structure snaps onto your remaining teeth with precision clasps, allowing partial dentures to be removed for cleaning and when you sleep.

Full Dentures

When all or most of your teeth are missing, a good option for restoring your smile, your ability to chew, and the form and definition of your facial features is a full set of dentures. 

Serving the Mill Creek, WA area, the team at Mill Creek Family Dentistry can fit you for a custom-made set of full dentures at our office. Contact us today for more information.

Exceptional Restorative Dental Care

At Mill Creek Family Dentistry, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive range of advanced restorative treatments and technologies, backed by a team of experts committed to patient comfort and satisfaction. Whether it’s gentle root canal therapies, custom-designed dental restorations, or innovative air abrasion cavity preparation, we ensure the highest quality care to bring back the strength and beauty of your smile. 

Our long-standing service in the community, coupled with our commitment to personalized, gentle care, has made us a trusted choice for families for over 30 years. Contact Mill Creek Family Dentistry today and reclaim the joy of a healthy, confident smile.

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